SEFLIN – Supervisor Series: Leave Your Stress at Work

No matter how much we love our job, no matter how great our employees are, and even when our work brings us great joy, it can also present a few challenges – differing personalities, friction, work overload, patron demands, negativity – you get the picture!

SEFLIN – Supervisor Series: Leading Meaningful Meetings

We’ve probably all read the statistics about meetings. Some experts estimate that over 50% of our meeting time is wasted – think of how much that could be costing your organization! But it doesn’t need to be that way. In this world of budget cuts and doing more with less, how we’re handling our meetings is sometimes overlooked as a potential money saver and maybe, more importantly, a productivity enhancer – yes, I said “productivity enhancer” in the same sentence as “meetings!”
In this 60-minute program, we’ll learn the 3 key areas that make a meeting successful – the before, during, and after of every meeting. We’ll also learn 7 reasons many meetings are considered ineffective and ways you can avoid getting caught in those common traps.
You’ll come away from this session with specific tips and techniques on how to make your meetings work – after all, why have one if it doesn’t work??