The Boot Camp Training Model for Maturing Your Field

Foundations, associations and “hub n’ spoke” organizations that support a community of smaller affiliated offices, independent chapters, or even volunteer groups face a shared challenge: how to mature the whole field? The organizations under their umbrella are often out of step with critical new technology, new best practices and organizational thinking and often out of step with each other.Community building orgs are looking to create programs to teach affiliate’s new skills and build shared capacity, but what is a model that works?

This webinar will outline our “Boot Camp” model for capacity building for any organizations that provide training, coaching and incentives to help their grantees/affiliates advance their fields. We’ll highlight the Boot Camp approach and focus on top tips for how to use gamification and incentives to get otherwise reluctant affiliates/umbrella orgs to learn and apply new thinking and technologies.

We will cover:
What the Boot Camp community capacity building model is and how it applies to your field.

A breakdown of the barriers that “umbrella” orgs face in capacity building.

Examples of effective incentive-based programs that get results with case studies from the field.

Smart tactics to create connections between your affiliates and keep them engaged with (and learning from) each other.

-A breakdown of the Boot Camp model and how it can be applied to any org/community
-How your org can create a Boot Camp that gets participants to learn AND do
-How to create connections between participants and pros who can provide coaching

Michael Hoffman is a leading authority in online marketing for nonprofits and a long-time consultant to nonprofit leaders on online fundraising, advocacy and community engagement strategies. He started his career as a political consultant and Washington-based nonprofit fundraiser before joining a venture investment firm to develop internet start-ups. Hoffman founded See3 to bring together his belief in the power of the web and his passion and experience with nonprofit fundraising, advocacy, and education. He is a frequent blogger and tweeter on nonprofit marketing and is a nationally sought-after speaker on topics such as online cause marketing, web video, and social media for social change.

See3 uses new media to activate people and advance social causes. We craft online strategies and campaigns aimed to meet your organization’s most important goals: fundraising, advocacy, awareness, recruitment. We believe online media and interactivity deepen relationships and make a difference for your issue.


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