The Collaborative Imperative and Information Literacy: Strategies for Librarian-Faculty Partnerships (Gainesville) (NEFLIN)

Friday, August 5, 12:30 – 4:00 pm in Gainesville

This session, designed primarily for librarians who work with faculty in higher education or school settings, will explore constructive strategies for forming librarian/instructor partnerships.  These strategies will include collaborative planning activities for library instruction sessions, ways to collaborate using course management systems, and the design of post instruction follow up activities.

This session will practice what it teaches; together Professor James Eison and USF Librarian Susan Ariew bring over 40 years of collaborative experiences at multiple institutions and six years of work together at the University of South Florida. Collaboration among session participants and facilitators will also be demonstrated through the use of active learning strategies.

Trainers: Susan Ariew and James Eison, University of South Florida

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