The Secret to Balancing Cost and Customer Experience

Customer service leaders have long struggled to balance cost and customer experience quality. For decades, the cost argument won out, and great service was put on hold. Now the tide has turned. Customers have more power than ever with new competitive choices and new interaction channels, and they’re demanding great experiences in the contact center and beyond. Fail to deliver, and they’ll take their business – and their friends – elsewhere.

How do customer service executives strike the right balance of cost and quality in the new age of the customer?
In this free webinar, guest speaker, industry veteran and Forrester Research, Inc., principal analyst Kate Leggett will describe the way forward using the right metrics, processes, and systems. Kate will be joined on the webinar by Andrew McInnes, Director at Allegiance, and former Forrester Research, Inc., customer experience analyst.

Content will include:
•Why customer experience is the key competitive advantage in the age of the customer
•The role of customer service as the cornerstone of overall customer experience
•The right data and metrics to balance customer service cost and quality
•How to make the business case for great customer service

Kate is leading expert on customer service strategies. Her research focuses on helping organizations establish and validate customer service strategies, prioritize and focus customer service projects, facilitate customer service vendor selection, and plan for project success.

Andrew is a leading customer experience and voice of the customer expert. He helps companies optimize their use of products and services to gain the greatest impact using their customer experience solutions. Andrew is a former Forrester analyst covering customer experience.


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