Tipping Sacred Cows: Kicking Bad Work Habits That Masquerade as Virtues

Unmasking Corporate “Virtues” Whose Importance We Take for Granted

You work hard to do the right thing: work well with others, treat them fairly, and never settle for mediocre work. But too often, virtues like collaboration, fairness and excellence are revered beyond question.

But when these virtues become “sacred cows” — ideas revered beyond reason — they lead to wasteful, career-limiting behaviors.

Instead of zealous pursuit of seemingly virtuous traits, leaders must appreciate the unintended consequences of their good intentions.

You will improve your ability to see when your own values and virtues, and the values and virtues of the people you lead, backfire. This webcast covers:

•Developing practical strategies to know when and how you help your organization most by going it alone, instead of collaborating with others.
•Learning how the instinctual drive for fairness leads to spite and sameness, and develop habits to overcome this naturally destructive tendency.
•Expanding your notion of excellence to understand when high standards help, and when they hurt by leading to paralyzing perfectionism in yourself and others.

Jake Breeden is one of Duke Corporate Education’s most active faculty members. Breeden has taught leaders in 27 countries. He has also taught for the Association of National Advertiser’s School of Marketing and as an adjunct professor of marketing for UNC’s Kenan-Flagler Business School. Over the past ten years he has completed additional research and teaching in leadership, culminating in the book, Tipping Sacred Cows: Kick the Bad Work Habits That Masquerade as Virtues.


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