Transforming Traditional Library Services: Text a Librarian

Series: The Mobile Revolution and Libraries: 2nd of 4

The mobile revolution – the use of mobile devices to access information, communication, and entertainment networks and services from many locations – is one of the fastest, most pervasive technological revolutions in the history of humankind. The pace of change, the plethora of devices and new versions, the battle for operating system supremacy, and the app explosion have resulted in a dizzying matrix of problems, challenges, and opportunities for libraries and library workers.

Librarians are working hard and fast to determine what services and materials can be offered on mobile devices. With each new platform (web, mobile, etc), librarians need to be familiar with it and the types of services that can be offered on each platform. In reference services, we have moved from in-person to adding instant messaging, chat, and now mobile.

This one-hour seminar will provide attendees with a brief history of mobile reference services, options for mobile reference services, and best practices.

At the end of this one-hour webinar, the second of a four-part series, participants will:
•• Understand how mobile reference services work
•• Identify some of the software/vendors that supply mobile reference services
•• Be familiar with the types of questions best answered via mobile reference
•• Share best practices for mobile reference services
This webinar will be of interest to library staff on all levels from all types of libraries, especially public services and information technology library workers, as well as middle and senior management.


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