Tween Program Ideas (TBLC)

Developing programs for children that are caught between childhood and the teen years can be challenging. Tweeners are kids, but they are getting older and they can be an enigmatic mix of enthusiasm, unresponsive indifference and hormonal overload. The blueprint for a successful tween program begins with a great idea. This workshop will be ALL about ideas. We will explore programs in a variety of different subject area and will have an opportunity to try some of those ideas hands on.

Pre-Workshop Assignment:Do a little research and come up with a program you would like to try for the tween age group and prepare to share.

Workshop Outline:


  • What is a tween?
  • How to structure your program?

Program Ideas by Subject

  • Art Programs
  • Lit-Based Programs
  • Music Based Programs
  • Personal Development Programs
  • Research Based Programs
  • Tech Programs
  • Trendy Programs
  • Youth Culture Programs

Idea Brainstorming

  • Ideas/Theme Roundtable
  • Apply Pre-Workshop Assignment)
  • Sample Year Plan

Hands-On Practice

  • Group Exercise

Tips to Sell Your Program


  • Resources

Free to staff in Florida libraries.  Priority will be given to TBLC members.

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