Understanding Personalities in the Workplace

Maybe this has happened to you…you are merrily doing your work on schedule for a project that’s due next week when…uh-oh! Your co-worker doesn’t have the information ready that you need to finish your piece of the project.

Or…you think you’ve made yourself perfectly clear, yet your supervisor seems confused by your thought process.

Maybe you are trying to embrace change and others are frustrated by it-or you are the one experiencing frustration while your co-workers are not only accepting the change, but seem to be enjoying it!

Sometimes you may even perceive someone’s behavior as difficult when others think everything is fine. How can that be??

The interpersonal dynamics in our workplaces change from day to day, but what doesn’t change is the variety of personalities we interact with. From supervisors to co-workers, from patrons to volunteers, there are days when personality differences seem as numerous as the books on our shelves!

Clowns, ringleaders, tightrope walkers, and ticket takers; we are all so different, and yet so alike. In this full-day workshop, Linda Bruno will help us discover our own personality styles-our strengths and struggles-as well as those of each of the other styles. As you learn about yourself, you¡¦ll undoubtedly experience an “aha” moment regarding someone else (or several “someone elses”).

And once you understand who YOU really are, you will find yourself better equipped to deal with THEM It’s magic!

We’ll discuss how each of the personality styles deals with difficult people, change, and project management. We’ll find out how they think-and why it seems to us that sometimes they don’t!

AND, we’ll find out how to communicate more effectively with each of the four styles.

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Why did they DO that?” – or more importantly – “Why did I do that??” – come to this informative and fun workshop – and find out!


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