Viva Florida 500 Wildflower Project

n 1513, Ponce de Leόn made landfall on new soil and called the place La Florida, meaning land of flowers, based on its beauty and vitality. The Viva Florida 500 Wildflower Project is a collaborative effort between the Florida Department of State and libraries statewide in celebration of Florida’s native plants, perhaps the very same flowers which Ponce himself saw upon arrival.
In recognition of this special and enduring piece of Florida history, the Viva Florida 500 team invites your library to join in our webinar and becoming a wildflower partner. During this presentation, you will learn more about the best methods for planting your own garden with wildflower seeds supplied by the Florida Wildflower Foundation. The brief overview will last about 30 minutes and allow for Q&A at its completion.

For more information, please contact Samantha Stratton, Viva Florida 500 Wildflower Coordinator, at or 850.245.6537.


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