Zero to App in Two Weeks

In working with top tier app partners, the Windows Ecosystem Team has seen developers produce an app in a little as two weeks, whereas others meander around for months with little to show. Why this discrepancy? What are the factors that make the difference between struggle and success? In this webcast, Kraig Brockschmidt will share the experiences that he and his team has gained from working with these partners to help you get your productivity in high gear for your own app-building efforts.

Kraig Brockschmidt has worked with Microsoft since 1988, focusing primarily on helping developers through writing, education, public speaking, and direct engagement. Kraig is currently a Senior Program Manager in the Windows Ecosystem team working directly with key partners on building Windows Store apps and bringing knowledge gained in that experience to the wider developer community. His most recent book is Programming Windows 8 Apps in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (a free ebook from Microsoft Press); his blog is


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